About Us

Serving only the finest home builders in Oklahoma, Builders Pride Cabinetry is a team of master craftsmen dedicated to providing luxurious and detailed woodwork. Call Builders Pride Cabinetry today for outstanding value, exceptional quality, wholesale pricing packages, and dependability.

We are a small personalized custom cabinet builder that specializes in hand crafted cabinetry we are located in Oklahoma City and we ourselves support our local business and avoid the big box stores. Unlike the other cabinet builders around the metro we do not have our cabinets boxed up waiting to be sold or shipped out, our cabinetry is 100% custom built to fit your home and lifestyle.We start with the lumber of your choosing and after a meticulous process involving hands on step by step construction by a proven professional you finally end up with a raw beautiful cabinet or what have you ready for a finish. Our process begins with a personal one on one meeting with an actual carpenter who will be personally involved in the entire process from start to finish. We offer computer aided design so we are able to portray to you upfront what your room will look like in 3D, The program also helps us to determine a solid base price on the cost of your project. The number of options as far as hardware,materials, and ornamentation are limitless, we offer everything from a very basic “base model” cabinet to the sky is the limit, this way you can help to control the costs. We guarantee a personal touch to everything and we understand the importance of a friendly, helpful atmosphere when shopping so we strive to make the experience as stress free and easy from start to finish as possible, your happiness is our goal and success.